e-Governance offerings from SAMAR INFOTECH SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. are aimed at improving processes and public administration services under the e-Governance Plan and Digital India mission. Our E-Governance services aim at uniting information, processes, people and technology for achieving good governance. SAMAR INFOTECH SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. has a proven track record of delivering time-bound 'mission critical' projects, with robust expertise in providing software application development, back-end support and system integration.

Adhering to challenges of maintaining a large database, securing it from potential data theft and, restricting its access to authorized officials are challenging. SAMAR INFOTECH SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. takes pride in accepting this challenge. It has been known in the industry for innovation and establishing processes which deliver quality products and solutions in minimum possible costs to the end customers. The experts of SAMAR INFOTECH SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. have evolved acceptable solutions in consultation with various organizations offering e-Governance services for the benefit of the public.

Dedication and precision in its work has taken SAMAR INFOTECH SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. e-Governance to great heights in a short span of three years. In an industry where competitors have been there for decades, we have carved a niche for ourselves by providing the best when it comes to quality and timely delivery.

Pursing the goal of digital India, our country is bustling with sporadic activityin E-Governance. In its journey of three years SAMAR INFOTECH SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD., with more than 250 business associates across India, has undertaken several projects including the following